Install Deluge and WebUI to CentOS 7

To install Deluge torrent client and take advantage of the web-ui, the process is quite simple in comparison to rtorrent + rutorrent.

First install epel and the ‘nux’ desktop which will satisfy the dependencies and enable the ability to install deluge RPMs using yum.

yum install epel-release && rpm -iv \

Next, install the deluge-web

yum -y install deluge-web

Open port 8112 for TCP on the firewall:

firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=8112/tcp
firewall-cmd --reload

Install deluge-console

yum install deluge-console

Start the WebUI service:

systemctl start deluge-web

Navigate to http://%5Bip address]:8112

Deluge-WebUI will be active. The default password will be “deluge” — enter it and it will prompt you to change your password. Initially, you will not be connected to the deluge daemon from within the WebUI. Click on “Connection Manager” and there should be a* address to connect to and/or start/stop the daemon with a button. Click on that and it should fire up — you’re ready to start adding torrents!

From within the GUI you can enable SSL under preferences > interface.


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